Friday, June 6, 2014

That Drawing Feeling

I guess I'm lacking it at the moment.
All I have are unfinished drawings and sketches.
Unfinished this week being;

So I decided to mess around with it and got this. =>

I've not been drawing much recently, even though I should be.
And by 'drawing' I don't mean sketching. I have a bunch of those.
I mean actual works with effort in them, such as above...
Although I guess I wouldn't call that shading much effort.

The new Mario Kart 8 is good. Although, there is one flaw with it that I find with all the Mario Kart games. Countering people's attacks in that game is rare. While you may say that being able to counter the attacks would lead to people never getting hit, it's just painful how little you can do to defend yourself from a green shell or thrown banana peel. There was no thought on both players having a better experience from the items. It's only a thing that allows one player to attack another. Some newer items ruin the idea of both players having to think out an attack/defense and mostly just have the attack available to both players. For example, the fire flower. It is basically many, many green shells. You just cannot block it, it'll go through three items and more. One of the new items is a Piranha Plant you can carry. Every opponent near you will get hit with it for about 10 seconds. All the banana peels and shells on the ground will get eaten. There is no defense for this other than run away, which is pretty hard considering you are all competing to be the fastest.
All I'm saying is that the items ability only counts on the ability of the user, not the ability to evade of the person the item is being used on. The reason I'm going on a tangent on this sort of issue is actually because I recalled a video from a sort of video-game based Youtube channel Extra Credits. It discussed how if there is some action a player can take to try to give themselves an advantage, the player fighting against it has to be able to strategize based on that. That the player wasn't at a complete disadvantage and had nothing they could do about it. Hearthstone does this right, although it's a card game, you shouldn't expect anything else.

Mario Kart 8 is still fun. If you don't want any of that then I guess you can play it without items, but that's exceedingly boring.

Ah yes, end of the blog onslaught.

It was fun at times, and yes, something an annoyance, but was overall great. That's why I'm planning on continuing to blog. Although, I'll mostly be posting drawings/sketches and rants. I'm still pondering on whether to just go full on tumblr or to keep this going. I'm not sure, but perhaps I'll just go to tumblr.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Chris is Writing His Blog Post Right Now (Then)

Look at him going, typing about Abraham Lincoln. He feels he can apply this to our current world.
While I do enjoy commentating on his typing up of his blog post, I think I would prefer to make my blog post more personal.
Also, I really dislike typing all sophisticate-like.

I've been thinking about how I should manage my free-time from now on. Obviously there will be time where I goof-off (which I personally think has several benefits including humor, ideas, etc), but I'm going to try to work harder when i have time off.

Oh god why am I typing like this. Not casual enough.

Well now it's nearing midnight. Finally getting to finishing this blog post.
I haven't drawn anything noteworthy recently (and i don't seem to have the time to put anything in this blog post). Oh well, thems the breaks.

Also, I totally studied at home BASICALLY the first time in the past year, and I didn't have enough time to finish that geometry test. That's just.. ugh. I hate time restrictions on things that shouldn't have such things.

Whatever, I feel like I'm done with this post for the time being. I should probably get myself to blog weekly so I can stay active. I'm just in a really poor mood because of that test, it'd be a miracle if I got an A...

Oh jeez, I'm worrying about school. That's the thing I didn't want to do this year because it stresses me out. And I feel like I should say whatever once again. This post is completely oh jeez.

Friday, May 9, 2014


So I watched some Soul Eater (and various other anime).
And by some I mean all of it. Then I watched a bit of it again.
Literally, I think it's my absolute favorite anime, right in front of Samurai Champloo, 
Actually, top anime list (I lack stuff to talk about, shush).
  1. Soul Eater
  2. Samurai Champloo
  3. Kill la Kill
  4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  5. One Piece
  6. Naruto
  7. Bleach
  8. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  9. Noragami
etc etc etc except I'm probably missing a ton.
Like, definitely.
Fullmetal Alchemist would definitely be on that list if I actually watched more of it...

Oh god I have nothing to write about. I wrote that other blog post waaaay early.

Oh well, I have nothing much to write, writing fluff is a big waste of time, isn't it.
I'll try to make up for this waste of time with the next blog post, then.

Friday, April 25, 2014

This Might As Well Be a Post on Videogame and Anime OST

Paper Mario is just, auwh. I love.
I have dreams of it.
Okay, that's a bit far. But I absolutely love the games.

I personally love the second game, Thousand Year-Old Door. It's just so, MMPH.
I mean, the other games have their awesome music as well.
It's just that Paper Mario: TTYD is so well stylized and has a lot of emotion put into it.
Paper Mario has well made music, not necessarily stylized but very good.
Super Paper Mario's music is so emotional, although not stylized too much.

Also the games are fun. The first game's combat system works fine and is well-executed with the timed hits gimmick. Thousand Year-Old Door basically reuses it, but I think it makes it a bit stricter. I don't know.
The third one, Super Paper Mario, ignores those games and makes it a complete 2D/3D platformer. I don't find it bad at all, it's pretty fun and different. Sticker Star does something different, no partners, no FP, just consumable attacks. It's cool.

The total drawback of Sticker Star is that it has no emotion to it. It's dead to me.
I don't care about its cool score, the game lacks the feeling that its predecessors had.
The game is literally the blatant party in the mushroom kingdom, Bowser kidnaps Peach and gets some ultimate power, go beat up Bowser.
Er... the first game doesn't count. It goes past it, with the various chapters it develops characters and a plotline for each chapter. In sticker star you just go through the levels. No emotion.
I guess I can't just point it out. The characters in Sticker Star have no attention, no feeling.
Oh, there's that one toad with the bent corner. He's... there. Sometimes.

There are also the other Mario RPG games that I should talk about, such as the Mario and Luigi RPG series and Super Mario RPG.
I don't really enjoy the gameplay of Super Mario RPG, and the story seemed fairly lackluster for me.
For the M&L RPG series: Partners in Time < Superstar Saga < Bowser's Inside Story < Dream Team.
That's just my general opinion on those games.

Also, I'm definitely biased on TTYD due to nostalgia.
It's story is pretty good. The partners happen to be a bit more involved than in the first game so they're not just plywood. The enemies in the game turn into recolors by chapter 6. There is literally only one new enemy after that. And, well, it's this thing.

Oh god look at it.
Also it's near impossible to dodge any of its attacks.
But even these things got recolors.
Evil machine beasts.

For TTYD's gameplay, well, it added a counter where if you time your button press perfectly you do 1 damage back to your opponent and take none. I got way too good at it and ended up rarely taking damage. Also, enemies can hold badges. There's also a partner that can steal them. So I kept on finding badges that up my attack and have enemies have a 5% chance of missing.

I feel like the first Paper Mario was more fun, though. Oh well.

Anime OST might as well be lumped into this post by now.
Naruto has a pretty good soundtrack.
Kill la Kill has an amazing soundtrack, too bad if I linked it it would probably be fairly inappropriate.
Well I mean, this is the internet. Oh well.
Bleach has some great ones too.
I'd link some One Piece but, well, the soundtrack has barely changed in its 640 episodes.
Maybe I'm wrong, who knows?

... Oh yeah, and Persona 4 has nice OST. (game and anime)

Well there went this great post. Typed most of this on 4/11, too.
Hopefully I do similarly with the next one.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fake Poetry

I call found poetry fake poetry.
I find no beauty in it. It would be cool if the sequences of words actually made sense, but they don't ever seem to. All this method does is give the writer too much of a limitation, and because of this, the writing is usually choppy and lacking in sense.
If I were to speak all deep and stuff, then I'd be saying the language itself is a limitation.
But uh... nope.

Recently I came up with great ideas to draw. Good thing I forgot to write them down!
Er, uh yeah. I completely forgot them. My great memory STRIKES BACK.

Oh well, good thing I drew up the outline of this before:

I kinda drew it thinking; Hmm, I want to draw a spider in formal-wear. Later when I was saving it I thought of being generic and called it spiderman.

So basically he is your average spider in disguise.

So in gym I somehow messed up something in my back. I was home for the entire week...

I wonder if that was a yay?
This week the work we got in class dropped in quality by leaps and bounds. It was so painfully boring and I could not bring myself to do it since I was so sick this entire week.

Also, I only went to school on Tuesday and half of Wednesday. I'm feelin' it, the laziness is engulfing me!

I really don't care about missing school if we were getting assignments like those.

So blog posts may be a weekly thing for me from now on. Who knows?
I don't.

Monday, March 31, 2014

It's All Ogre Now

There's no 'blog' in the title of this entry?
Well I guess it's all ogre.
For slice of life, I mean.
I'll continue blogging on this blog just because I want to. I want somewhere to showcase drawings... or to encourage me to do so. So no final drawing of SOL, I may have had to make 36 comments in three hours.
No anime for me. D:

I'll probably make a blog post every week just because I don't want to stop.
So it'll have actual non-content instead of fake non-content.
We can't have people trying to sell of this counterfeit absence of content.
It would ruin the non-economy.
There would be non-monopolies.
On... non-anomalies... I don't know anymore.

But as for SOL, it's over.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blogging on How I Can Draw... Right?

Look at those sketches. Those dang ol' sketches.
... That's really all for drawing.

I ended up watching, like, I ton of anime today.
Jesus... I finished Attack on Titan and watched all of The Devil is a Part-Timer. On the second one... yep, that's the name of it. I enjoyed watching it more than Attack on Titan, but I guess it's because it's funny.
I'm not fond of anime where, basically, all your beloved characters die. Well, lots of them do.
I prefer anime where it can go to both ends of the spectrum, both silly and serious. Without it it can feel one-tonal, also really sad. Like, really depressing.

Urgh, anime took over my life again. It's just an endless battle between video games and anime trying to take dominance over how I waste all of my time. It's pretty rare for me to be constantly drawing in the afternoon, that happened about only two or three nights last summer.

As a side-note, both Attack on Titan and The Devil is a Part-Timer were from the summer of 2013, along with Gatchaman Crowds which I am still watching.

Also, anime anime anime.
Anime an-i-me.
I watch anime.
Did you not realize.

Oh yeah, I'm still behind on my comments- oops!
But seriously, that's going to be a problem...

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Side Blog

Well, there's a samurai.
I am really out of it for drawing recently. I just don't have ideas that I really like anymore.
Maybe I should finally learn how to use FL Studio and make music instead. I've wanted to do that for a while.

I really hate when anime stops in the middle of an arc/story and goes over to a completely new story, ignoring the original arc.
So basically I'll just rant about recent Naruto Shippuden episodes.
Here's my summary of recent episodes: In the middle of the most important battle in the anime, it goes to a flashback sequence that is around 14 episodes long and counting.
Oh, here's another example that I just love.
In Bleach, episode 303, there's a bunch of stuff going on and the final battle of the arc around the corner.
304, there is literally an episode called; "Another Side Story! This Time's Enemy Is a Monster!?".
I just... I just can't. That's a crime in anime. Bleach also has a ton of other side stories that I end up skipping.

And on the topic of Bleach, the anime has been on hiatus for a while. Something happens so that the show can continue on one episode, then it never actually continued. It was basically the worst time for it to end.
That's basically why I'm going through the manga, perhaps it even presented the story better.

Oh yeah, and Kill la Kill ended. That happened.
But I also got two other anime on my list to watch, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Gatchaman Crowds. I just happened to find those somehow.
Well, by somehow I mean I was prowling the the internet for anime ost.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is pretty cool, Gatchaman Crowds is... hm. I dunno, really. At the moment I guess I 'think' it's good.

Oh well, anime post is finished.
Where's the bed? Oh there it is.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Double Broken Blog Promises

Did I say that I am bad with promises?
Cause I should have said that.
It's not even that I'm not good to draw today, it's just that I wasted all available time.

Look at me not having much to write.
Oh boy oh boy, what will this blog post have in store for you?
Nothing. Practically nothing.
I made brownies today, they were good.
I also did a whole load of nothing.
I just needed to emphasize that one statement.
So yeah...

This is the nothing blog post.
Where I have posted about practically nothing.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bad Promises Were Blogged

That's the drawing. Don't like it? Think it's not enough?
Well screw it. I am having a terrible day for drawing. And whenever I have a terrible day for drawing I'm also in a horrendous mood. I feel absolutely horrible at the moment.

I was going to draw something, then I realize just how bad I was at drawing today.
I got antsy about that, tried to draw something else... uh nope.
By then I had no idea what to draw. If I went through with the other ideas it would have been garbage.
So yeah. Have a bunch of nothing. Great.

I can go over how we still are forced to learn what we don't need. I don't need to know how to make an EDD. I will never be a researcher or a scientist, I can say that much. Science doesn't interest me anymore. I was interested in it way before when it was new information to me. Now it feels like nitpicking for a career I will never pursue.

Okay, I'm way too fed up with today to write this blog. Maybe I'm just extremely cranky for god knows what reason, I wasn't for the past few days where I got less sleep.
Oh well, who cares.

Oh yeah, on the comments situation- they'll all be made on the weekend. I don't even care anymore.
Actually, I hate the requirement for comments. I understand the push to communicate with your peers, but this is just ridiculous.

... Ugh I'm so used to being silly tired. I basically get drunk off of being tired. This is the first time in forever that I've been cranky tired, and it's just the worst thing ever. I draw worse than I drew in the day and I have no stellar ideas.
Good night, I guess. I still need to do my EDD that I never actually did. The one I handed in a long time ago was a complete mess and it wasn't even an experiment that made sense. I'm not interested in researching anything.
So I guess not good night. Gah.